Logbook entry

20 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
To the Bubble - The Long Journey Home

Mission Log, SOL date 20/03/3303.

It has been 9 days since my last transmission. I am still alive.  I spent some time repairing all my modules after my close encounter with Sag A.  But all is well.

During the last 9 days I stopped off at The Great Annihilator Black Hole this was spectacular, the gravitational lensing of this black hole are just amazing.  They appear to warp space itself from a great distance away.  I spent about a day here relaxing and taking in the sight before moving on.

Nothing to report much on the rest of the journey back, I am still enjoying it as this is the reason why I came out all this way.

I have found another Earth Like and I'm really excited to get back and sell this data to get my name on the planet(s).

So may water worlds have been discovered and a few Ammonia rich planets.  I'm hoping that this will do well for my rank.

As of this morning I am now 6800LY away form Neto, I estimate another 2-3 days of space flight and then I will be home.

CMDR LtEvildead, Out.
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