Logbook entry

Dynahi / 05 May 3303


----- STANDBY -----

----- SUCCESS! -----





----- SUCCESS! -----



----- May 5, 3303 - 07:05 -----

Wyvern 1: Good day, Command. How copy?

IGNIS Command: Greetings, Wyvern Leader. Communication is clear. We've been trying to get a hold of you for the past twenty-four hours.
                               Care to explain yourself? We need a status report.

Wyvern 1: Long range communications were rendered inoperable after encountering some strong enemies that managed to significantly
                   damage our ship with four casualties on board and no deaths, Command. We're currently docked at the Base Camp Asteroid
                   Base in the Soul Nebula undergoing immediate repairs and managed to get the Q.E.C. up and running first.Your hunch was
                   right about Salomé's betrayers coming out here in the void. Raven Leader confirmed that the enemy ships were from the
                   Smiling Dog Crew.

IGNIS Command: So it would seem. And what of the Raven Squadron recovery team? We've been trying to contact them to no avail.

Wyvern 1: ...

IGNIS Command: I asked you a question, Wyvern Leader.

Wyvern 1: Well...Ravens 2, 3 and 4 were destroyed...and I've only managed to rescue Raven Leader and five other members in escape
                   pods from Raven 1. We are now heavy six extra crew members.

IGNIS Command: My God.... What the hell happened out there...?

Wyvern 1: Well, first off, we couldn't meet up with Raven Squadron due to the range between stars being further out than the Longinus'
                   FSD maximum range. We were unable to establish a neutron star pathway either, and taking the long way around where star
                   distance is more dense won't get us there fast enough. So we initiated Plan B's hand-off point. That's when a listening beacon
                    that Raven Leader placed went off and we assumed it was Salomé's betrayers closing in.

IGNIS Command: Go on.

Wyvern 1: Ravens 2, 3 and 4 were ordered to slow down enemy ships to allow Raven 1 to escape with the package, but they were
                   ultimately destroyed protecting Raven 1. Unfortunately, SDC somehow managed to track Raven 1 to the hand-off point just as
                   we were finishing the cargo transfer.

IGNIS Command: They managed to track Raven 1? How?

Wyvern 1: Beats me. Although Raven Leader thinks they capture a crew member from the rest of the squadron and made him or her talk.

IGNIS Command: Damn.... What exactly attacked you?

Wyvern 1: Two roided-out Imperial Clippers, and an Imperial Cutter that came in just after picking up the sixth escape pod. We managed
                   to destroy one Clipper before Raven Leader's Type 9 was destroyed. I managed to cripple the other Clipper and began survivor
                   recovery, but then that Cutter came in; and I was down to 56% hull integrity and had four casualties and six survivors on board.
                   I had to high-wake it out of there.... I wasn't able to retrieve the other escape pods.... I'm not sure if they took them as prisoners
                   or executed them.

IGNIS Command: Those barbaric bastards...and you said that Raven Leader is with you?

Wyvern 1: Yes, but he's still in a state of shock. I will have him contact you when he finally collects himself.

IGNIS Command: Understood. Most importantly, what is the status of the package?

Wyvern 1: More like packages. Seven extreme durability data canisters with roughly 672 petabytes worth of data. All safe and secure.

IGNIS Command: Good. It's unfortunate with the circumstances in place, but the mission must be upheld above all else. We shall mourn
                                 the lost more upon your return. The SDC might still be tracking you. Don't stay there for too long.

Wyvern 1: Duly noted, Command. After repairs are finished, we will make a beeline towards the Occupied Bubble.

IGNIS Command: Thank you, Commander. Bring everyone home safely.

Wyvern 1: Will do. Wyvern Leader out.




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