Logbook entry

August Mckenna / 05 Sep 3303
to look, but never really see

Ideology always paves the way toward atrocity.
       Terence McKenna
circa 20th century

So my exit from hell came with no fanfare, no announcement.

I had tried to find that glimmer of life appealing in the middle of surging 3rd party ambition and greed, but to no avail.

It always starts with enough nobility and righteous fervor as to fill every beating heart with pride. Propaganda drumming a steady beat, every soul joining a mindset toward that common goal. Then the goal is not enough. The puppeteer decides his lust for power and possession has outgrown the need for veiled insinuations of a noble cause.

The citizenry deserve credit. They continue to live and even thrive in spite of being surrounded by constant chaos. Perhaps its easy to ignore when you're planetside or on board an orbiter and the battles rage in the silence of distant space. If you make your living as one of the willing participants of the chaos, well, it's a different story.

You get to see first hand the meaningless slaughter wrought for nothing but the faction name on the system register. Murder and mayhem ensue. The cause becomes lost in so much useless ideological based affirmation of any action, no matter how sinister. Any cast hue of humanity in the actions of those that remain loyal is allowed to vanish. Once "normal" human beings begin to look the other way when confronted by horrific events. Those refusing to acknowledge the worst may even participate or knowingly contribute, all while convincing themselves it is virtuous to do so.

After all our cause is just and pure.

Divided and indoctrinated, just the way the puppeteer like's it. All at once the other side is reduced to less than human. Somehow deserving of their fate by our hands.

With that, we have finally fallen the last bit. We've shrugged off all that makes us who we are. We have taken our place as pawns on a board in a game we can never win.
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