Logbook entry

August Mckenna / 16 Sep 3303
Wongo, an old score to settle

August McKenna sat in one of the seedier bars in the Clair Dock entertainment district thumbing through his datapad. Not much to say, not even much to look at. A variety of characters were there for their own reasons, some talking in small groups, others sat alone nursing their drinks.

Since returning to the Pegasi Sector business had been brisk. There seemed no shortage of individuals or outside corporate entities who wanted something questionable brought in or delivered out. All good news to a man who never asked more than destination and pay being offered. At one time, this sector had been all the home he thought he would ever need. Now, after his return it really did seem like he was picking up right where he left off. Of course, now, he had no reputation. That takes time and concerted effort to build, and as soon as you're away for a while it’s gone. People only tend to remember the bigger fish and Auggie never really wanted that tag or its visible reputation.

The power in The Pegasi was Black Omega. Ruthless, organized, always watching. His one-man operation reaching into their cupboard? Well, he convinced himself they had bigger things to concern themselves with. In passing, Auggie had met a couple of their crew and paid his respects. It was expected in these sorts of circles and he let it be known he would support any operations they had in mind.  Besides, if they asked for tribute, he'd pay. It was all just the cost of doing business.

He thumbed through a few more screens and then fate dropped a healthy chance at vengeance in his lap. "Well, well...", he muttered.

Auggie pulled up the COMM link and spoke to the shipyard agent, "Ready up AK 019912, Python, Attitude Mechanic...and I'll need a quickie repaint on the ID Tag... <REDACTED>. Got it? Good."  

"My old 'friends' at SKL, and your chief of security has been promoted, I see. Councilor Gibson, now. I've always said it’s so gratifying to see a working class mook make good, ya know."

August McKenna had worked for two years making profits and many rich men in the Keiadimui system. When the political winds shifted, the ruse of a crackdown on criminality would cover the tracks of his accomplices and apparently serve as a career boost as well. Politicians were always the worst to work with, never the slightest trace of honor among them.  

Auggie chuckled slightly as he gulped down the last of the bourbon from his glass, “Now, the reckoning.”
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