Logbook entry

FalconFly / 19 Nov 3303
Colonia Chronicles : Can you hear a Dog when it screams in Space?

A long time ago, I told myself not to get engaged in Politics anymore. One of the reasons I moved to Colonia.

However... I saw an offer I simply could not refuse.

As it turns out, the SDC challenged a local System into a Control War.
Around here, that "club" calls itself "Smiling Dingo Crew" and pretend to be Feudalist - but that's merely putting lipstick on a pig. Poor disguise.

And since real estate is an exceedingly rare good around Colonia, it makes for a pristine Strategic Asset all by itself.

Been quite a while, but still I had the right tools for the job. Ironically, I thought I wouldn't need those tools anymore.

The TCS MARS. Built, designed and fully optimized for only one single purpose : Total Spectrum War.
Apart from its Pilot, literally everything is heavyweight and Heavy-Duty on this rig. Jumprange clearly reflects that, but she doesn't need to move around alot.
I had 2nd thoughts when I earned enough Credits for the Ship transfer. 61 hours in and by a far margin the most expensive Order I've ever placed.
Flying it over to Colonia myself  I considered - but then looked at the amount of Hyperjumps. Nope. She wasn't made for that. No way.

About the offer... yes... Several offers I saw - and the payout exceeded anything I had ever seen.
Someone really wanted those Dogs put down, but with the Strategic nature of that Conflict in mind those Credits made sense.
So with no 2nd thoughts, it was time to go for the gusto. I don't fire up Palin's dirtiest Class 7A Thrusters to go for cheap.

Over 650 confirmed Kills required. Lots of work, not a casual Tourist visit into the Conflict Zones.

Onboard Systems, FCS, Weapons, Ammunition, Life Support, Power Distribution, Fighter Support, Crew. All go for launch. She was Mission-ready.


So with no time to lose - Mission timers ticking - off for some heavy-duty wetwork.

Run after run - and I was getting the hang of it again.

Either the Class 6 Fighter Bay ran out of supply or the Ammo Supply. Or both. Again and again.

But the progress was steady, almost like clockwork. Slowly, Mission after Mission clocked in. At 78-108 confirmed Kills per Mission.

After about 5 hours of non-stop Conflict Zone visits, it happened. Again.
Enemy Ships were dropping like flies and the Scanner was cluttered with leftovers.
It became mechanical, me, my Crew and the Ship became a perfectly greased destruction machine, almost like an orchestra of mayhem and destruction.

Tactical Battlefield Management techniques ran almost automatically.
The TCS MARS and Allied Vessels soon enjoyed Total Spectrum Domination in the Conflict Zones for hours.
Enemy Vessels jumped in - only to be greeted by a dense fleet of Allies just circling the CZ. Waiting for new Targets to appear.

Felt like old times. And what happened during those hours even put the Great Battle of Konduwa to shame. Something I originally swore never to do again.
However, there was no turning back. So I let go. Let old times be old times.
Conflict Zones aren't good places to become sentimental or contemplate old decisions.


It took as long as I expected, but the TCS MARS worked with flawless precision and endurance.
And indeed it paid off - big time, at least by my Standards.

Now I'm definitely no big friend of Dictatorships... But with one thing that General sure was spot-on : purge the vermin. Couldn't agree more.

And although I have no single Point of Contact when it comes to Carpe Noctem, we were Allies in a common cause, something I can get behind with.

Additionally, that Intervention had a very beneficial side-effect.
As the SDC does not hold any Assets anywhere in the entire Colonia Sector, it commonly has nothing worth defending.
However, they're well-known to be "Lockdown Bunnies" - handing out Lockdown States to opposing Factions like Candy.
Well... Glad that isn't a one-way road and now this favor can be returned.

(Oopsie ... Looks like they'll soon be out of order for a prolonged time. All in a Day's work... not too shabby.)


One weird thing took me a while to figure out though. My Crew, Fernanada.

After the 9-digit Credit transfer from Carpe Noctem was complete and the jobs done, she still had that smug smile on her face.
I asked her but she didn't reply. She just smiled.

Then it dawned on me. Why me and that General seemed to get along so well. He almost had that exact, same smile on his face.
I thought it was because we seemed to be both fringe people. Living on the outskirts, used to walk the walk and simply get things done by ourselves.

Never expected that after flying Fernanda out of the bubble and into Colonia with the consent of her mother - Aide Selene Gruber.

Damn... The Galaxy is smaller than I thought. Turned out my Crew mate has friends in the area...


Oh, the War?

A few Days ago, the Dogs were enjoying a 55.5% vs. 21.9% lead.

They're losing it. No... actually, they're getting annihilated.
Purged. Like the General said.

So, can you hear a Dog when it screams in Space? No.
That's why I wrote this Log, otherwise noone would notice the Silence.
The Air around here seems to smell a little better now though, but that could be my mind playing tricks on me.
Do you like it?