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Sloan4prez / 27 Dec 3303
The Post-Federation years

The years following her dismissal from the Federal Navy found CMDR Sloan4Prez erring the void, where her piloting, combat and navigational skills, as well as the anti-authoritarian reputation she had garnered as a result of her widely publicized discharge had found interest with a number of rotating rogue trading clans. With the modest savings she had managed to hold onto, she purchased a discount Asp Explorer from the 78 Ursae Majoris Blue Boys, with whom she had been employed at the time and then, with a newfound steady income at her disposal, to gradually transform it into the formidable long range trade vessel GEOGADDI.

By spring of 3296, Sloan's reputation with the clans started to wain, as she began to take on more work for competing factions as an independent pilot and by November, her reputation had become irreparable after she accepted a wetwork contract against her former employer for the destruction of 48 of the Blue Boys' slaving fleet ships.

The taking on of this contract had marked a moral turning point for CMDR Sloan4Prez. Her undertakings as an independent pilot, at the helm of a vessel capable of traversing the bubble in a few jumps had taken her to a greater number of systems and exposed her to a more varied array of political ideologies than would have been possible in the echo chamber of 78 Ursae Majoris. Sloan had begun to take a great deal of interest in the philosophies of Princess Aisling Duval and as a result, had adopted a position of absolutism against human trading.

At the beginning of 3297, Sloan permanently moved operations to Kepler Orbital, Atropos, a location which she deemed ideal, due to it's centrality in the bubble and due to it's proximity to mission critical ressources. By that time, in addition to Long Range Acquisition Vessel GEOGADDI, Sloan's fleet had grown to include Armoured Personnel Transport TOMORROW'S HARVEST, a modified Python for the purpose of  bulk emergency evacuation and political asylum passenger transportation.

The year 3298 proved particularly fruitful for CMDR Sloan4Prez, as the emerging civil war in Rhea and the resulting volume of evacuation contracts to neighboring systems greatly increased demand for her services. Though the business' coffers were filling steadily, the heft of the workload soon became an obstacle to service diversification which prompted the hiring of Sloan's first full time employee, CMDR Edward Lagos who had been assigned to TOMORROW'S HARVEST and the purchase and outfitting of Fer-de Lance INCUNABULA which saw CMDR Sloan4Prez' return to her former transport escort occupation.

Disaster struck on April 20th 3299 when TOMORROW'S HARVEST was interdicted by three of Archon DeLaine's Fer-de-Lances, on her way to LTT 9360, resulting in the death of CMDR Lagos and of 64 passengers. The loss had been particularly crushing for Sloan, as she and CMDR Lagos had been romantically involved and had been planning to wed in August.

On December 9th 3299 CMDR Sloan4Prez gave birth to Odessa Lagos-Perez abord space station Kepler Orbital, Atropos.

With the duties of motherhood to attend to and with little time to address her grief in a constructive and healthy manner, Sloan spent the following years focusing on low payout local assassination sorties against DeLaine alligned factions undoubtedly as a form of retribution but also to ensure that she didn't stray away from her infant daughter for any extended amount of time. Over this period, CMDR Sloan4Prez achieved the rank of Competent with the Federation of Pilots and saw her standing with the Federation dramatically improve however, the business began to fall into insolvency. TOMORROW'S HARVEST was never re-bought and CMDR Lagos went unreplaced.

In October of 3303, while under contract to exterminate pirates, CMDR Sloan4Prez stopped to rearm Fer-de Lance ICUNABULA at military planetary outpost Bridges Survey in Diabak. While at the crew lounge, she encountered Operations Officer CMDR Friendsofbucky for the Leviathan Scout Regiment. Over the course of several rounds of Eranin Pearl Whisky, it became obvious to Sloan that the LSR's objectives and policies were in lockstep with her own. With a buzzing head and glassy eyed, she submitted an application for the wing, right then and there.

The following morning, as she boarded the INCUNABULA, she found an acceptation message from LSR's high command in her inbox. Over the next few days, she integrated the Trade and Acquisition fleet and moved her daughter and assets to Diabak. After being out there for so long, rudderless in the black, fending only for selfish interests, it was good to have something to fight for again... A family, a home...
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CMDR Sloan4prez
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27 Dec 3303
The Post-Federation years
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