Logbook entry

CMDR Aosto / 13 Jan 3304
Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn

I left Big Pappa's base in Andrhimi after claiming numerous bounties in the Nemet star system for the Paladin Consortium. My destination? Pay a visit to the mysterious engineer Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn, and see if he could help me improve my armaments. After close to 200 light years worth of jumps, I finally tracked him down in the Wolf 347 star system at Trophy camp. Thankfully I had collected enough bounty vouchers that he deemed me a worthy customer right away. Although I lacked most of the materials for any serious modifications, I was able to commission him to install a slight fire rate improvement function on one of my multi-cannons. A bit of a grumpy fellow for sure, but he does fine work. After collecting more of the raw components required, I will definitely be paying "The Blaster" a visit again in the near future. For now, time to head back to Andrhimi so that I can earn credits to purchase a new star ship. I must admit, it will be bitter-sweet to leave my Cobra MK3 behind. Signing off.

-CMDR Aosto
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