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Roober the Stroober / 04 Jun 3304
Pilgrim's Progress

All of the ships I have had the privilege of commanding have served me well. The Sidewinder loaned to me by the PF was a great start. The Cobra MkIII and Vulture were both capable combat ships that allowed me to make my mark as a bounty hunter along the edges of the bubble. And, my faithful DBX has gotten me through many a mission while working for UC, updating records on commercial mining and terraforming sites.

The only ship I miss though, is the one I can't remember - the one the Feds have locked up in some lab hangar somewhere. I'm guessing they're trying to get something out of it that will help with the space-cabbage issue. I'd love to help but it just doesn't look like my memory is going to return any time soon. That's okay though. I'm actually loving the peace and quiet of exploration. Sure I run into a binary every once in a while that almost gets me into grav-lock and heat traps, and I've seen neutrons that will melt the face off of a grokolite at a thousand ls. But, all in all, it's been a great way to spend my days.

I'm docked at Ising now while Pilgrim-4 is refitted for material collection missions. Pilgrim-5 (Asp Explorer 03-ASX), is in dry dock being engineered for her first long-range solo expedition. I look forward to taking command of this beauty in the next couple of weeks.

It's going to be a long, lonely haul but I hope; in the vastness of boring this, and routine that, that I can find something truly remarkable in this huge expanse of Milky Way - then return safely to share my discoveries with you all.

If I plan well enough, I should be able to complete the mission in time to catch up with the Distant Worlds 2 fleet before they get to the core.

Fly Dangerous Commanders! See you in the black...


Roober the Stroober | Commanding Officer | 14-DBX "Pilgrim-4"
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