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Kenta Nakamura / 05 Jul 3304
Exploration Marathon Day 4 (2/2)

**Continuation of Friday July 4th, 3304 Log**

I've continued through the Marathon list.... But before I could continue I decided it was time to reroute to the nearest station and get Fenrir III repaired. Good thing too because I found a missing panel in the bottom of the hull. I don't know when I lost it or how but thanks to the Palace Station I was able to get the panel replaced and paid for whatever else she needed.

If I don't take better care of this ship it'll be my grave..... Kind of like what I found jumping between stars.

An unknown signal source showed up close to the star: HIP 44728 and when I jumped out of warp I found nothing but debris everywhere. Something was beeping like crazy the whole time I was out there scavenging what I could before it impacted with the star and begone forever.

Eventually I found it:

A scrambled piece of data. The black box of the ship basically. But it was garbled and scrambled there was no way for my ship to decode it to see what happened or what ship or organization this was even from. Damaged parts were everywhere but what struck me as odd was no bodies.... No engineers, no fighters hell the debris is so warped I can't tell what kind of ship it even was that I got the black box of.

After checking and gathering as much data and items I could I decided to jump to my next star.... To which I found another destroyed ship heading straight to the star. Once again I found another black box just as scrambled as the last... Is it the star's solar radiation causing the stuff to be useless?

But.... I found something even worse than just debris out in this one.... An Eagle MK II:

I couldn't believe what I saw.... The pilot was still inside the Eagle..... I decided to try and reach out to the ship.... see if I could find something to identify the pilot... No luck... But the pilot was quite young.... Probably barely old enough to even pilot the Eagle.... His emergency helmet was completely broken opened... considering how hunched over he was he smashed it during the carrier's explosion.... The debris didn't look very old... fresh burn marks all across other parts of the ship debris and the Eagle's paint wasn't badly burnt.... But I doubt I could of made any difference... Just end up just as dead as them...

So now I have two black boxes to two different ships with data so scrambled I doubt it'll be any good to anyone...

I landed on the nearby moon on Lyncis Sector HW-W c1-10 and decided to call it a night... it made me uneasy seeing that kid in the Eagle.... Hell at one point I was thinking of joining up with my home station's military wing..... But I got a lucrative trading deal for a job and decided against it. Now here I am.... 10 Years later staring down a kid my age when I got my Sidewinder.... I probably would of been just as dead as him if it wasn't for that job.... I'll have to thank that old man for giving me a job like that.... That is if he's still alive and the station's still up...

As I landed I looked to my left to the star.... Where that kid's body's at.... By now the star's completely erased his Eagle and what's left of his body... Rest In Peace kid...

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