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Kaparov / 11 Jul 3304
PERSONAL LOG #7 - 11 JUL 3304

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You know, a lot goes on in this line of work. There were about two years between when I started piloting and now where I kept myself busy, but didn't reap much of a monetary reward. It's not all about credits.

I spent some of that time, about six months, over at Jacques Station helping with the repair efforts. It's hard to believe, right? Six damn months out there, two years of my life gone. But I met a lot of people in Colonia that I liked, and not all of them were Commanders. They were good people, salt of the earth, and I wonder what their lives are like now with all of the news from the bubble reaching them. They must think it's a god damn war zone here.

Who knows what they would think if they were to come back. Come back and check on ma and pa, find out that everything's fine. It's all okay. Aegis keeping the Thargoids at bay. Or maybe they'd come back and find that ma and pa moved to an Aegis station. A station that got hit, doesn't work. Maybe they're dead now, maybe not.

Wonder if they'd come back to the bubble and try to make things right, or if they'd go back home. I guess home's always changing for that type of person...


I don't know. Maybe I'll get around to talking some more about those good people. Hell, maybe I'll find the time to go out and visit them. Check in once again. Bump into one of them out here in the bubble and, you know, get an answer to all these thoughts.


I'll check in later, got an order for fifty-some tons of Bromellite to fill today. Might sound like I've got a lot of time on my hands, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just wasting what little time I got.

Kaparov out.


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