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REpowerplay / 12 Sep 3304
Now I have a problem, Log 1

Found myself in possession of a ship today. I won't go into the details, you know how it tends to go... Wills and crap. I was seriously tempted to just let it sit and gather dust. Or perhaps sell it to whoever made the best offer. I had no desire to explore the galaxy, that being said I had traveled a few times and seen small specks of it. Space is pretty, that's for sure.

But I found myself hesitating on hitting the submit button on the net. As I looked back up from my datapad, I found myself walking towards it. She was already ready to go, and gear was provided for me. It couldn't hurt to.... just look right? Didnt take too long to figure out how to operate her, seems like the interface was user friendly enough.

That being said, I found someone who needed some data delivered only 6 light years away, and decided why not, I gotta pay for fuel somehow. I got an offer from a dictatorship party, but quite frankly, I don't approve of such things. I like my democracy.

I did my delivery without any hassle at all, even docking went smoothly, except I was sitting backwards on the pad for a minute or two. However now I have a problem.

I want to explore more. Shit.
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12 Sep 3304
Now I have a problem, Log 1
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