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(Wettoast) Wanda Fersegi / 13 Sep 3304
Log # 25, Short log : Gearing up for distant worlds 2

In human space

After a two week dud of circling the Praei sector to no proof of intelligent civilizations or anything, I dropped the two tin foil heads off at Jaques and headed home after collecting my payment for ferrying around those conspiracy nuts. Well, maybe I'm the fool for taking them and the federal congress representative seriously, but I can put that behind me now.....Something is about to go down that I've been anticipating for over two years now . Something I'm not even going to let the recent xeno activity in human space get in the way of.

In around a month or just over a month from now, the distant worlds expedition will take its second journey across the galaxy.... And this time, I'm not f**king missing it . I've been waiting for this since 3302, the end of the first distant worlds expedition being what inspired me to take up exploration in the first place. Two years, 2.5 million lightyears traveled total , 5 thousand hours totaled in the cockpit, the wait is almost over. Just one more lousy month. I've done my rounds with the engineers by selling my soul for their services, and I've scraped around on some god forsaken moon with glowing alien stones to get a frame shift boosting module from the tech broker services,  I can now upgrade the diamondback's jump capability to the best it has ever been.  Since the diamondback has been the ship I've flown the furthest in, it makes sense at least to me that this be the ship I attend distant worlds on.  While cramped in the quarters and still having a more fighter style cockpit then I would like, it has never ever let me down . However, there are some things that need a bit of touching up, applying more lightweight modifications to utilities, I want to squeeze every light year out of this thing.  

With a size 4 booster installed and a quick test flight, it's pushing 70 lightyears which is more than adequate for this journey as we will be slow boating it there. The time span of the first distant worlds trip took place from January of 3302 and ended in June of 3302 . While it's nice to have a large jump range, the organizers set up or found a whole plethora of waypoints, basecamps, and points of interest . It wouldn't be anything too special without them, so better on us that we all take our time there.  Whole months out in the black with like minded explorers, I can't wait to take my mind off of the thargoids for a good long while. It's so close now ....... Just a little longer.......

It's so close, I can't help but be a bit hyper and overexcited . I should make an update before Distant Worlds the 2nd jets into the black . Wanda N Fersegi, "Wettoast" Out .
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