Logbook entry

Mimic / 14 Sep 3304
Orders from DASOD

September 14th, 3304
Gooch Vision, LHS 2106

There was an incident in Imperial space with an unnamed DASOD agent earlier today. This particular agent was aligned with a power opposed to the Imperials. The pilot in question was doing a simple supply run to assist in the efforts of constructing a new megaship. An agent of the opposing power interdicted and attacked them with extreme prejudice, in a display of barbaric territorial behavior. Unfortunately, the agent was lost. This incident resulted in new orders being sent down from DASOD. In order to help keep their agents protected, it was highly encouraged that all agents remain neutral in the galactic power-play, or resign from the power they are aligned with in order to become neutral.

Although I was previously allied with Felicia Winters, and have been for quite some time, I will be heavily considering becoming neutral. Naturally, such an act aligns with DASOD's desire to remain neutral anyway. But you know. Free credits are free credits. Felicia Winters pays me to potentially sit on my ass every week. Still, I'm going to take some time to think it over and likely pull my support for her. I recently returned from Sol and made my way back home. I'd say pulling my support is also a way to get those Torval goons off my back, too. We'll see what happens. It's a damn shame that one of our agents was killed in a glorified gang war.

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