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Fendisteel / 23 Sep 3304
- Vestige herald - Yutsah Convention begins in Manktas - September 23rd 3304

Yutsah Convention begins in Manktas
September 23rd - 3304



Crowds begin forming in abundance in Jiushao Depot as the opening day of the Yutsah convention proceeds with electrifying momentum. Scheduled to last until September 29th, the Yutsah convention will host all manners of exotic exhibits from the cultures of neighboring systems. It matters not if you're a citizen of Manktas, or a traveller wandering through. You're invited to come join us in the festivities in Jiushao Depot, courtesy of Spearhead Charter.

To the readers not in the know, Spearhead Charter is experiencing a period of prosperity in the capital system of the Vestige, Manktas. Trade is flowing into Manktas at a booming rate, with merchant vessels from all around delivering goods. With this trade comes valuable resources to help the Spearhead Charter grow and provide more for all souls that live within the Vestige.

Spearhead Charter has extended gratitude towards Manktas Partners for their extensive aid in setting this festival up. Not only are they bringing in a wide selection of items from the Inovit system thanks to their trade pacts with the local factions, but they have provided the name for this convention; a celebration held by the Aristocrats of Inovit is called a Yutsah. Aristocrats of this feudal society will allow their citizens to mingle with citizens of other allying aristocrats for several days or even a week. The name was chosen to emphasise the primary aim of the convention, to allow Vestige citizens to indulge their curiosity in other cultures.

For an event like this, no place was more fitting than Jiushao Depot’s Royal Pavilion on Manktas 2, being the central hub of trade in the Vestige, . as well as housing the throne of the High Lord of the Vestige, Commodore Jakken Eardley. The High Lord will open the convention, inviting long term Spearhead supporting families from Yolen City for a banquet with esteemed guests from the Inovit system. His speech will be broadcast around the region. He announced the convention earlier this month.

“We aim to bring a better way of life to the Vestige, and this includes breaking down the isolationist barriers that have existed in our past. The Yutsah convention will bring together many different cultures, and allow us all to grow from our differences.”

Jakken Eardley

It is unknown at the time of writing whether his daughter, Lyria Eardley (known as CMDR Eardley to the Pilots Federation) will make an appearance, though if she does she will surely take the opportunity to display her military role as a specialist pilot in the Royal Guard [SCRG].

The week is said to hold many different events, with exhibits cycling out each day at 20:00 UGT with new fresh and exciting content for attendees to experience. Culinary cuisines to sample and learn about, philosophical speakers to lend an ear to, stunning displays of artwork and much much more. Many of the goods ordered for the event are being dropped of at Fast Ring and ferried down to Jiushao Depot by Spearhead Charter officials. One of which, goes by the name of Talon Robigo (Known as CMDR RaptorMonkey by the Pilots Federation) who has been admirably putting in logistical work. Curious about the commitment, we've approached Talon for comment.

"The convention is a good opportunity to adjust and refocus to our new way of life under the charter. Giving us a ray of hope after the brutal civil war and a glimpse of a prosperous future we have ahead of us."

Talon Robigo

More high-level officials will be taking part in this event; in charge of security will be the First Officer of the SCRG, known by the alias “Wretched Wolf”. We approached for a comment.

"Those who are an affront to upheld peace in systems governed by us or our allies will face the unified force of independent, and our own, specialist forces. This applies similarly for this event; from our specialist Royal Guard [SCRG] to our naval fleets - all are well funded, trained, and prepared to keep the peace, and this applies no less to this event."

Wretched Wolf

Confident words from a distinguished military leader that will surely put attendees at ease. With the Spearhead Charter Royal Guard present for this event, the chance of foul play is insignificant at best, and will be swiftly dealt with otherwise.

The Vestige Herald will update if this story progresses.


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