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ZethG / 04 Oct 3304
Mistery Moon

System : SOL

I was at SOL system to meet an engineer today. He sent a message to me earlier that he will be a bit late, so decided to visit some tourist beacons while I was in the system. You know, it is the birthplace of all of the colonies so, it has some history around here. I've learned about a stolen car which was actually an ancient artifact. Some crazy guy sent his car to the space, thousand years ago, but people think it is stolen by pirates later. I also visit some other beacons about the historcal Civil War and old Presidents of the Federation.

Anyway, while I was searching for beacons, I captured a signal coming from near Luna. When I got closer I see that it is an Unregistered Comms Beacon. I was trying to scan it at first but nothing happened, then I decided to take some pictures of it, to show them to a friend to ask about. Then with no reason, it started to play a voice signal to my comms. A distorted robotic voice was articulating numbers and codes one after another. I started to write them on my handy chatter. After a while I figured it was repeating itself, so I sort out the original message as this.

"12 5 20 18 1 14 19 11 5 25 20 15 21 3 8 r1 0 r2 c5 c7 c11 c13 c22 c24 r3 0 r4 c4 c13 c20 c22 r5 0 r6 c2 c4 c7 c9 c11 c17 c20 c24 c26"

After some time looking at the code, I realized there are 2 parts of the message. One with only numbers "12 5 20 18 1 14 19 11 5 25 20 15 21 3 8" and the other alphanumeric part "r1 0 r2 c5 c7 c11 c13 c22 c24 r3 0 r4 c4 c13 c20 c22 r5 0 r6 c2 c4 c7 c9 c11 c17 c20 c24 c26" So when I look at the first part I was thinking about a location like Lat Lon coordinates, but it was way too long for it. Maximum figure is 25... can it be alphabetic numbers? 12th letter is L, 5th is E, 20th T.... LET oh it seems we are on the right track... After I solved all the letters it turned out "LE TRANS KEY TOUCH"

I am not sure what it means. I need to visit this engineer now. I will be working on this soon as possible.

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