Logbook entry

Scubadog / 09 Oct 3304
Oh, The Grind...The GRIND.

There's not a lot to do while I'm waiting on the engineer to finish the upgrades to my multi-cannons. And, curse me for changing my mind part way through on what upgrades I wanted. This forced me to go out and acquire a different set of materials...which is a pain all by itself. Some of things are so hard to get a hold of, and quite few jumps in many cases. If I were optimized for jump range, like my Anaconda is for exploring, it wouldn't be so bad. But I'm upgrading modules I normally wouldn't take, so jump range is significantly choked. Next up, I need to engineer my beam weapons.

I'll have to park the Corvette for a while after all this and switch to my Cobra so I can build up more credits to A-rate my thrusters, power plant and power distributor. I've got them at D-rated at the moment, to give me moderate performance boosts but mostly to reduce mass until I can get the good stuff and then engineer them. As it turns out, I'm hearing across the wave that another faction--The Code--is being a bunch of slags and attacking hard working folk trying to work a community goal in the area. I hate pirates something awful, and there's not an end nasty enough for those Neanderthals. If ever there was a case to be made against cousins marrying, they would be it, no doubt. The Silverbacks have been mounting an effort to annoy the pants off those feebs so they end up leaving innocents alone. If I get done here soon enough I'll join the fight.

In the meantime...more waiting.
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