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SuperStray / 10 Oct 3304
Tip Off Oct 10 3304

Tip Off:

{Welcome SuperStray,

There's a crashed ship with an abundance of cargo to be collected. Make sure to scan the ship data core there as that'll be the big earner for you. The ship has been there for months, but a clean up crew is finally due to arrive in a couple of weeks. So if you want the loot, you'd head on over soon.

You nee to drop you landing gear on Balite 1 a in the Balite system. The site can be found at Lat: 0.62, Lon:-45.74. I've put an encryption key for the data core into your shop's systems to help you access the most valuable data.

End of message.}

And off I go. Just 4 jump in the Grind to salvage this crash site.
Uneventfull trip and safe landing. Now to locate the ship.
While serching for the downed vessel, I came across a wanted Bash Diner. A novice in the Balite Gold Posse. Let's see if I can cash in on his bounty with my SRV. Bounty served! Not far from the wanted pilot, I found 6 occupied space pods. Still no sign of the crashed ship. Came across a "secure" location with 4 sentery skimmers. In this location was another occupied escape pod and more assorted cargo. Still no ship. Located another 6 occupied escape pods in a particularly rough area. My SRV is taking a beating. Good thing I have a back up. Back on board the Grind. Never located the crashed ship. I did however collect 13 occupies escape pods plus varrious other trade commodities. I almost forgot, I also get to collect the 11,000 CR bounty that was on Bash Diner. What a stupidly absurd name.
Hello hello, I was just spotted an outpost. I shall invesigate. They opened fire on me. Well, return fire, I shall. Defenses were laughible. Now to get a closer look.Was a small mining operation. And now I have a local bounty on my head. Well, might as well go turn in the salvage and pay my fine.Grabbed another bounty to cash in on my way to the station.Total bounty to collect from this journey is 65,302 CR. Total for the salvage is, 447,200 CR. So not bad, even for not finding the tatget crash. Not a bad little adventure.
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CMDR SuperStray
Freelancer / Bounty hunter
10 Oct 3304
Tip Off Oct 10 3304
26 Sep 3304
Tip Off
19 May 3303
CG @ LTT 377
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