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ZethG / 19 Oct 3304
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System : WYRD

"Zeth... You are back so soon, with the same ship.... Whats wrong."
"You know what is wrong...."
Dweller smiled, tongue in cheek... "Because of the jitter right?..."
"Yea!.... Can you fix it..."
He put the auto wrench on the desk and get up.
"Yea I can but you need to drop the perk too.... I told you it wouldn't work on such a big ship.... You are slow already, loosing presicion means shooting noone!..."
"Yea, yea.... I am stubborn.. And I got my lesson don't worry.. That silly Cobra was almost taking me."
"A Cobra? Are you a greenie... What are you talking about...."
"Shut up!.... He wasn't alone...."
"Okay ... okay... Loose the temper. What do you want...."
"Not sure.... what can be done?"
He opened his eyes wide like an evil and said
"Malfunction on all over the ship."
"Are you serious!. Is that thing even works?"
"Possitivviee.." he said while roolling his eyes.
"Aalright. It is yours. Do what you want.."
"Wanna drink? I had some brandy over here... "
"Dont you say, you did it yourself....please..."
"Ofcourse I did.... "
I reached my chatter and called the bridge.
"Boys can you bring that Lavian crate down here."
He looked at me and opened his arms like he is gonna hug "You are the man.."
"You too mate. You're the boss. Lets go..."

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