Logbook entry

Bluecrash / 03 Nov 3304
Exploration and Recompense

Interdiction, they will try and stop you.  And if they catch you, they will kill you.  But first they must catch you.  High wake is the only wake you should be using if you're on the run – getting out of another ships mass lock.

I'm dedicated to making this journey.  I'm not if I can make it- but I'm going to try.  Witch Space is nothing we really understand.  The over engineered Alcubierre Drives used to fail more often dumping sailors in between destination and the original jump.  We depend on a lot of quantum mechanics for the Frame Shift Drive to work.  I heard a rumor that the Aliens appearing now – were first discovered decades ago – and we backward engineered their crashed technology.   The Thargoids that show now, have better drives – but only for now.  With humans the question is never if, it is when.

Catherine once said. “If you dig one grave you are actually digging two.”  She was a forgiving and happy person.  She wasn't like me.   I was going to dig a lot more.

Podkayne, the first Slaver, I located, carried the same name as a character from earth's Heinlein novels about space colonization in the 19th century.  I fused her body permanently to my Frame Shift Drives chassis, using the  the supercharged boost of a Neutron Star.  Her flesh burned off somewhere between the Alcubierre Drive and the engineered quantum mechanics of it all.  Her metal and bone-fused skeleton adorns my FSD Module in room A113.  Podkayne smiles her mostly toothless grimace.  I grin back, and nod, every time I pass Podkayne on my systems check.  One day, I will attach her to the front of my ship, like the 16th century pirate figureheads.

The second Slaver, Adam, reminded me about the dislike I have for people with four-letter names.  I disabled the Thrusters on a Ship Launched Fighter(SLF), before aiming at a Black Hole.  I watched on the ship's Holo-Me as the gravitational strength pulled at opposite ends of his body, feet first since they were closer on entry.  In his scream I could detect traces of his Earth borne, New Zealand accent, as his body was elongated and stretched, in the event horizon before losing signal.  I like to think he's still alive somewhere outside of the mechanics of our physics, being stretched apart forever.

The third Slaver never told me his real name, he went by X.  He wasn't old enough to grow a beard.  Of all the people tortured, he was the only one that didn't scream.  I bundled two tons, Meta-Alloys and an extra Escape Pod.  The Thargoid blinked a pattern of colors seeming to understand when I ejected the cargo together near the Cone Sector.  No one really knows what the Thargoids are doing with the Occupied Escape Pods.  With their technology, I imagine the suffering could be legendary.

The last Slave Trader was easy to find.  Drexl dressed like like a 1980s Earth TV series Miami Vice.  We caught up in the LFT 926 system at the Rock and Blues bar.  He only asked that he could take his unfinished bottle of Lavian brandy with him.  I left Drexl on an ice planet in a used Scarab vehicle.  The SRV's can get up to 38 meters per second with the right friction, but all the speed in the world doesn't matter if you have nowhere to go.  I go back to the planet, once a year visiting the trader, face frozen, in the eternity of the cold, I keep expecting him to apologize.  

If my love is infinite as stars, then my hate is the blackness of the void they reside in.
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