Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 04 Nov 3304
Cyberian Exploration - That New Car Smell

I finished running courier missions in MSS Sunrise and had enough saved up to get that big thruster I had my eye on for MSS Fang. Added a bigger fuel scoop while I was at it. Took her out for a test drive and wow she sure handles nice. Hauled a couple of rich tourists to some stops and they seemed happy so all is good. I was also able to build the wallet back up a little. I'm liking this Cobra.

Still don't know who it was that tracked me and was intent on destroying my ship yesterday and probably will never know but I hope who ever it was figured out I'm not an easy target. Now that I'm in a much more capable ship and much better armed I might just spin around and give them a good look in my gun sights. I should probably go do some more bounty hunting in MSS Aquila so I can hone my shooting skills. That'll be tomorrow or the next day's task for me. Life is good here at Cyberian Exploration....
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