Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 05 Nov 3304
Cyberian Exploration - A Taste Of Home

Had a bit of a shindig here outside MSS Fang today.  I set up the little stove and the commissary here had some fresh pork sirloins on sale along with a full compliment of spices.  I made up my famous Creole pork sirloins with seasoned vegetables and of course a big jug of sweet tea.  Bunch of folks stopped by for a bite and some socializing.  Had some zydeco jammin on the sound system.  I was surprised at the number of people that had no idea what the Creole culture is but they sure seemed to enjoy the eats and music.  Couple of folks broke out two steppin and it was great seeing everyone having a good time.  Gonna have to do it again real soon.

Didn't get much of anything done today other than messin up some clean dishes but as my grandmother used to tell me, "It's only a mess if you can't clean it up."  Walked around the ship with my tool box checking any and every nut and bolt I could find to make sure they were tight.  I really hate the sound of something flying off the ship when you know it is supposed to stay put.  Got a little oil lamp burning now and a good book to settle down with before I doze off.  Tomorrow promises to be busy....
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