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Vricrolatious / 11 Nov 3304
8000 Light Years From Home

Formadine Rift Alpha Site
Eafots EU-R c4-1
November 11. 3304

We arrived at the Alpha Site yesterday and I took a look through the area in one of the SRVs while Darla kept an eye on things from the Zephyr II. Like those before me, I was able to access the logs from various data ports around the installation. I'd like to stick around a couple more days to gather more of the salvage, it may come in handy, but I'm not sure if that's the greatest idea.

Can't tell if it's my imagination or if I'm going a little mad, but I'd swear I heard a knocking on the hull last night. Darla says she didn't hear it and the sensors didn't register any movement outside, but I heard something. Maybe it was the ship just settling on the surface a bit, I'm still getting used to landing her on planets and not just pads, but... I don't know.

Only been outside the bubble a week and I've been out longer in the past, never had these issues. Going to make another pass through the area for salvage and then head out before I start seeing these as well.

Vric out.
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CMDR Vricrolatious
Explorer / Space cowboy
11 Nov 3304
8000 Light Years From Home
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