Logbook entry

DeNeill / 11 Nov 3304
A busy weekend.

The end of this week was quite eventful, for me that is.

Last wednesday, a friend of mine decided to step into space for the first time.
Ofcourse there were the usual questions, "how do I best start off?", "What ship should I get?"
and mastering the learning curve. At the time, I was still in my space cow running passengers
from Robigo to Sothis, when I thought of how to best help my friend find his space legs.

I decided to send him after data courier missions for starters, just so he'd get used to flying,
docking, and get a little cash on the side. Then I offered to have him take one of my SLFs and
go bounty hunting with him, but quickly realized I was entirely unprepared to do that - my
Anaconda, my original combat ship, was completely stripped down and filled with passenger cabins...

Luckily, my friend decided he'd rather not enter combat just then, so I decided to "quickly" get my
first elite rank in exploration (I was at Pioneer 65ish% after my trip to Sag A* and Colonia). Took quite
a few passenger runs, but on thursday evening I finally made it. My first elite rank and my first
1 billion credits in cash! HAIL SHINRARTA!

Then, a new question popped into my head...what do I do now? Still had over 24 hours until
the weekend and alot of credits to spend, when it hit me. With all these funds and access
to Shinrarta, why not build the lazy combat ship I had always dreamt of?

...Why not? Because I lacked the ranks necessary to buy either a cutter or corvette.
So, what to do? I was count at that time, at around 60%, so I started looking at the cutter.
A beautiful ship. So I decided to grind up my imperial rank, and within a few hours I made
it to King, sank over 500.000.000cr on a cutter and turned it into a wonderful machine of
comfort, style and lazy destruction.

1 Huge Fixed Beam Laser, 2 Large Burst laser turrets, 4 Small Burst Laser turrets,
all engineered for long range. Sure, it took some time at Dav's Hope to get all the materials,
but in the end...this ship was totally worth it.

Luxurious cabins, long range weaponry, a fighter and a custom vintage paint job
(yeah, yeah...it's just ruined paint, I know. I still love it, because I am a Junker at heart.)

A wonderful ship, and no regrets. As I am writing this log entry, I am sitting in a res site with a piece of cargo,
turrets set to "fire at will", a new crew member in an AX fighter, and limpets collecting the remains of whatever
is stupid enough to pick a fight.

Life is good.
Do you like it?