Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 19 Nov 3304
Cyberian Exploration - Changes in the Fleet

Well after thinking about it for some time I decided to make some fleet changes.  Mainly to add a little more diversity to the fleet.  The old MSS Proteles is now a dedicated system trader ship renamed MSS Ying Yue, old Chinese for "reflection of the moon", and has been completely reconfigured for this role.  There are a couple of planetary outposts in my home system that have a need for various commodities on a regular basis so she'll be flying stuff to and fro between the big starport and the planets.  She can carry 22 tons of goods and is armed nicely to fight off bad guys. Yeah, I'll make some credits for this effort but not a lot.  Sometimes it's not all about making money but making sure our system citizens have what they need to survive.  The new MSS Proteles is still a dedicated surface prospector ship but it didn't make any sense to have a larger ship for a such a small role so I've purchased a hauler to configure for this task.  She has a new paint job more fitting to her name and Hodo has a matching paint job as well and resides in her belly for his rock chipping tasks.

Spent the day pulling out and swapping modules and amazingly enough I don't have any left over bolts.  That's a good thing.  I did take plenty of photographs of how they should be installed so I was able to have a roadmap so to speak on how they would fit in their new locations.  Of course I did lose some skin on my knuckles from the wrenches slipping off but no pain no gain I suppose.  I invested in a big box of bandaids.  Everything is now in it's proper place and working like they should.  Gonna take a break which involves a short nap before heading out on a rock chipping excursion.  I've read the operations manual on Hodo and I'm confident he'll handle fine.  Might have to adjust some controls but that'll be a do it as needed thing...
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