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Ferelmonito / 12 Dec 3304
The Date

“Saud Kruger, Foxtrot, Echo, Romeo. The imperial flight operations bureau wishes you a pleasant and productive visit, commander,” a soft and beautiful voice welcomed me at Mackenzie Relay.

“Pleasant and productive it certainly will be, ma’am.”

After I was granted docking permission on pad four-two, we both immediately switched to a private comms frequency. “Are you ready for tonight’s date?” I asked.

“I’m heading straight to your landing pad with my master. He’s really been looking forward to meeting you. Please cause a good impression on him, yes?”

Not to worry, I had arrived prepared for my date. My ship, a Dolphin, was fully equipped with a luxury cabin, ambient lighting, a fresh paintjob, a shield generator just in case, and one of the best pilots that money could afford. I had taken the money out of my FDL’s insurance, but I won’t be flying that thing any time soon. Not after losing so many fights in it.

My date and her master arrived after a short while. Because of her slave status, she couldn’t take her collar off, but could still wear the beautiful gowns worn by the elite class in the empire. Her master, dressed in perhaps the most expensive suit I’ve ever seen, looked like a reasonable man. “A magnificent ship you have there, commander. Almost as beautiful as our imperial vessels,” he commented. “Nice to meet you.”

It was perfect. I had already caused a good impression.

“If you don’t mind, I’ve commissioned another pilot to fly for us, as I would like to spend most of my time with your beautiful slave,” I said very nervously as I’m not quite used to the way imperials speak. “He will take us wherever you please.” We visited a lot of popular places in imperial space, while we got to know each other better and told anecdotal stories, until we arrived at the most prestigious restaurant in the empire. My date’s master liked me so much that he offered to pay for the meal.

After we were done, we were back at Mackenzie Relay in a private lounge, where her master had decided to give us time on our own. Through the window, we looked at the sun, slowly setting on Emerald.
“I haven’t had such a wonderful time in years,” she whispered. While holding hands, we looked at each other while slowly reaching for each other’s lips.

We then kissed… and as soon as that happened, I woke up. Not only was it a bloody dream, but the alarm was ringing. I was an hour late. Immediately I put on the best clothes I had, initiated launching procedures, and as soon as my ship was unclamped, I pointed it towards the mail slot and boosted away. I was even fined one hundred credits for ramming a Sidewinder over the speed limit. After a while. I had arrived at Mackenzie Relay.

“Saud Kruger, Foxtrot, Echo, Romeo. Please comply with imperial regulations, and-“

“Hang on, this is not the soft beautiful voice of my dreams!”

“Pardon me?”

“Oh, nothing mate. Never mind. Foxtrot Echo Romeo requesting landing permission.”

As soon as I was granted permission, I boosted inside the station and got me another one hundred credits fine. “Hull integrity critical,” the ship’s computer warned me after crash landing onto the pad. I had forgotten to equip the ship with a shield generator and a passenger cabin! My date was very clearly concerned after seeing all of that happen. She tried approaching me, but was pushed away by her master.

“You’re late! More than one hour late!” exclaimed her master. “Your ship is on fire and its canopy is cracked! There is no way you’re having us board that ship. Also, what’s happened to your garments? You look absolutely terrible!”

“I could have it repaired-“

“We are wasting our time. Good day to you.” They both walked away, while the station’s emergency response triggered because of a ship on fire.

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CMDR Ferelmonito
12 Dec 3304
The Date
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Giving up
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