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Zinnsei / 12 Dec 3304
Entry #71 - Catching up

Commander's Log, 12 Dec. 3304,

I heard from Leonard today. He was checking in from an undisclosed system, while on maneuvres for the Empire. I was happy to see his face on the vid-screen; it's been more than a year since last we saw each other. He looked well and much more mature than the scrawny harmless ex-fighter pilot who came aboard at Colonia so long ago. Back then I was swallowed up in guilt and sorrow over losing almost my entire crew to Sag A*, and didn't really pay him much attention. I recall several occasions of not even being able to remember his name when speaking to him and I believe we'd been back to the Bubble for a long while before I actually acknowledged the fact that he was real. It seems light years away, so to speak because technically it is.

A lot!

Leonard has been given the command of a Cutter and has been ordered to join the ongoing campaign against the Thargoids. I was very glad to hear that he and his crew have survived many encounters with the 'Goids and come out victorious on more than a dozen occasions. Apparently, Leonard has excellent leadership skills because the crew is working like a purring FSD and spirits are high. At least that's what he tells me because there was not much time. I would have liked to take a holo-stroll through the decks and meet his crew, but they were being shipped out again and it was mere chance and good fortune that he found himself with a few minutes to spare and that I did the same. He asked about life and how we were faring on our side of the battle. He asked about the ship and how the predominantly Federal crew was acting, taking orders from an Imperial. "An Imperial with the Federal rank of Rear Admiral", I amended him. He laughed and we talked some more about this weapons platform I'm currently commanding.

The Bosworth is a real power boat. No wonder the Feds are shipping these out everywhere they can fit them. The amount of firepower on these vessels is mindboggling. Given the right configuration, a Corvette like this can outgun the top tiers of both Thargoid and Human prowess. Before I get carried away I must say that I still much prefer the Cutters and Clippers of the Empire. The shields of the Cutter is nigh impenetrable if managed properly and even though the Clipper can't match the Cutter's shields to a fraction, the weapons on that boat are still impressive - not to mention the sheer speed of that thing. I still remember taking the Persephone out for the shakedown cruise with my very first crew and ordering the throttle fully opened. That ship outran many blockades while I was her commanding officer.

I digress. Leonard told me that they might be given shore leave for Christmas. If that happens - and I can wriggle myself into a position of leave-time, we agreed to meet up and share war stories over a brew or maybe some old-fashioned eggnog, if we can find something that doesn't taste like a plasma coil. That would be grand, to be away from it all for just a few days. Let the calm and quiet settle over me as the holiday passed. I think I'll go to Cubeo and visit the family, maybe even bring Leonard.

We will try to get in contact with each other over the next two weeks and see if we can set up some sort of get together. I hope he gets the time off. He clearly deserves it.

On a side note we were sent to assist in yet another Station Evac yesterday, after yet another Thargoid attack. We hauled frightened civilians out of the airlock inferno for hours and hours, while the hull to a serious cooking and a beating. During one of our descends to the landing pad, an explosion rocked through the dock and slammed the Bosworth clear of the vector and into a huge sheet of debris to the right of the pad. The shields drained almost to single digits and anything and everything not bolted down went cascading through the ship. What a damn mess. At least we helped out a lot of innocents and it was a nice change to the persistent fighting. It felt good to actually help people and not just defend them. We were relieved by almost fifty transport vessels after about two dozen hauls and were ordered to hang back and protect the relief corridor along with two other Corvettes. The evacuation lasted well into the small hours of today if you're counting ship's time.

All in all a job well done and the morale of the crew is boosted because of it. If only I could shake this damn headache. It feels like it's been going on forever.

CMDR Zinnsei, signing off.
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