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Markus Vance / 28 Dec 3304
Cloak and Dagger

You would think dealing with Imperial hit men would be enough to shake my interest in the darker parts of the bubble, but there I was again, tempting fate by trying to gain an audience with Liz Ryder. Her initial message indicated an interest in what I'd been doing in the black, but she stressed that her contacts in Eurybia kept her under strict surveillance. If I wanted to meet her, I'd have to go through them. Not a problem. Out here, making a name for yourself solves most problems, and for everything else, there's credits.

I took Max out and charted a course for Eurybia, and it was hardly a few hours before I'd arrived. Nice enough system for a den the thieves, pirates, and made men. The contact she gave me at Awyra Flirble was curt when we first met. He gave me and my ship a once over and expected some proof of service. Not do disappoint, I explained to him the data processing suite I'd developed, and offered a demonstration of the security measures I was willing to outfit his facilities with if he was interested. He scoffed at me initially, then had his men escort me out with hardly a second glance.

I'd seen it before of course. Most people don't understand the value of proper data security until it's a pressing issue, so to prove the point, I created a pressing issue on one of his many financial servers.

It didn't take long for him to give the chain a tug.

I don't know if I'll ever get used to the guns pointed at me, but it's standard enough with mafia types that it's becoming commonplace. That speaks volumes for my taste in people I guess.

Long story short, Liz Ryder and I are becoming fast friends, and Eurybia Blue Mafia is now a satisfied customer of...

Hm. I don't really have a name for this outfit, do I? Probably ought to look into that.

P.S. Her request for 200T of Landmines seemed odd, until I landed at her base. That is one MASSIVE crater.
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CMDR Markus Vance
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28 Dec 3304
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Markus Vance
28 Dec 3304
Cloak and Dagger
Markus Vance
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07 Dec 3304
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06 Dec 3304
Making Acquaintances
Markus Vance
05 Dec 3304
Dangerous Territory
Markus Vance
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