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Char Azmodai / 05 Jan 3305
Profile of Perfection: Diamondback Explorer, Stargazer

There is very little good that can be said about Lakon's Diamondback Explorer. It's not a very good fighter. It's not a very good trader either, compared to other ships in its size class. However, it is a very good explorer. Some might even say the best. It says it in the name after all, Diamondback EXPLORER. Fully engineered and modified to squeeze out every Ly possible, for pure exploration, the best choice is the Diamondback Explorer. I have experimented with exploration outfits on several ships during my career, including the Hauler, Asp Explorer, Anaconda, and most recently the Krait Phantom, but I always go back to the DBX in the end. Why? For starters, it's efficient. It has just enough internal space for everything you need to explore the cosmos. It's cheaper and jumps farther than an Asp Explorer with a stock A grade FSD. Grade 5 engineering modifications boost the FSD jump range beyond that of a similarly engineered Asp Explorer. Only the Anaconda jumps farther (by a few Ly), and the Anaconda is excessive in regards to exploration, not to mention expensive if you end up crashing it. Do you really need all of those AFMUs? With the ability to synthesize and resupply the AFMU with all the junk materials you've been hoarding collecting off planetary surfaces, you really don't, and there are abundant planets and moons to land on if you run out and need more. Lastly, neither of these ships has what the DBX has: articulated engines. Ever seen one land? Yeah... That's right.

Of course, all of this praise doesn't come without criticism as well. If you are not a fan of tight spaces or expect any sort of luxury, the DBX is not for you. It is a small ship with small quarters, and every inch of space is being used. As such, there is really only space for one crew member - you. Which means you will have to do everything - piloting, scanning, navigating, driving the SRV, etc. If you don't care much about bunk space or are scared of loneliness, you can bring another crew member along. They'll just have to sit in the back... somewhere. Maybe in the engine room. Fuel can also be an issue. The standard 32T fuel tank takes a minute and a half to refill with a fuel scoop, but a 16T tank takes 46 seconds. A lighter tank also lightens its mass, increasing its jump range, but that also means needing to fuel scoop every third or fourth jump or run the risk of going empty and becoming stranded. Avoid non-fuel stars if possible. There is no cargo space (except on your SRV), so pack light and only bring the essentials. It is also a rather slow ship, so don't expect to take it racing through any canyons. Shields are only a formality. Really, the only serious complaint about this ship is that if you land at a wrong angle, you won't be able to get your SRV out from underneath it.

So you've visited all of the engineers and modified your DBX to its maximum potential and are satisfied with your ship, but you still think there's more you can do to it. You're absolutely right! Why stop there? Give it a fancy paint job. Slap on a body kit. Head to your local tech broker and slap a Class 4 Guardian FSD Booster into it for even more jump range! Make it a reflection of who you are.

There it is. The image of peak efficiency. A profile of perfection.

Char's DBX Stargazer build: https://s.orbis.zone/1mt8
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