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MAD_DOG_MacD / 10 Jan 3305
A Few Days before Distant Worlds 2

Thursday, January 10th, 3305

I'd be lying to say I wasn't a little hesitant about this whole voyage. It's similar to a Roller Coaster with all the Safety Equipment removed. Thrilling and exhilarating but also fraught with danger both Man Made and natural at each turn.

For the first few jumps, we will be still be in range of the more "dedicated" of Gankers/Griefers that no doubt will be amassing their Squadrons for easy pickings in Palleni, where 99% are unarmed and speed is not a consideration. I am hoping Iridium Wing and the DW2 organizers have Security Forces ready to respond to potential threats.

Just in case, I'm bringing Event Horizon out to my Jump Point (close to Palleni). Event Horizon is my Alliance Challenger specifically designed to deal with the Misfits that lurk within Space.

I am no longer reading about it, I am participating.

I'll be recording daily events here as they happen on my trek along with pictures and videos time permitting.

I've spent 2 months working on Deepwater Black, my Exploraconda (which Anacondas at last reading made up 39.9% of the Fleet)  kitted for long Deep Space exploration. With the GalNet Logo Livery, it will be easy to identify and in the bubble... shoot.

CMDR MAD_DOG_MacD, Explorer/Reporter
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