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Senjie / 10 Jan 3305
More than just Distant Worlds

Verity, personal log.

Date, January 10th, 3305.

It's only a few days since the second Distant Worlds expedition launches. I'm still not quite sure to make of it myself. I heard the stories on GalNet when I was in Pilot School of brave explorers travelling across the galaxy and back to explore new worlds and expand the reach of humanity further. I'm not quite sure if it was that ambitious or romantic, but that's what most people tend to believe.

I can't believe the look on my father's face when I told him I finally got my license from the Pilots Federation. He thought I was nuts. Looking back at it now I can see why. Just graduated, with a barely working Sidewinder, ferrying space rocks from one place to another looking to pay back the loans I had taken to purchase it in the first place. He thought I'd make a better accountant. It's been a few years since that and thankfully things have been looking up. Hitting a good few connections in the right places with some well-placed business people and prodigies of engineering across the Inner Orion Spur has landed me a very good ship. It tends to be lonely out in space, but as any good explorer could say, alcohol is your best friend when you're out on your own.

Sometimes it brings back memories of him. I'm not sure why I'm joining up for this second expedition to begin with. I've been hearing everyone talking about it, even in my own circle of friends. GalNet even released an article about it a few days ago, claiming even greater ambitions in the name of science. I'm not sure if I fit into that characteristic. I just fly the ship, and it does all of the work involved. Interstellar Navigation, Stellar Cartography, Geography and Geology, Data Charting, and even self-sufficient replication of essential equipment. Decades ago it would've taken a complement of hundreds just to do a single one of those tasks... and now it does it all by itself. I wonder if the computer thinks of this stuff like me sometimes.

I'm glad to have this ship at my side. I'm gonna need a hell of a ship if I'm going to be three hundred days out there, travelling two hundred thousand light years over to Sag A and back. The thought scares me a little, but... I'm somewhat optimistic. I don't know why I'm doing it. Maybe I just want to prove that even though I started on just a little Sidewinder a couple of years back, I'm a better pilot than before. Good enough to reach the deepest parts of our galaxy.

I just hope I can pull my weight and make my father proud.


Verity, end log.
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