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Kira Von Black / 11 Jan 3305
Wreckage Found!!!

i got a big Tip off from Governor Milana Alvarado. i believe he did this as an apology for decieving me into killing desertors. i'm still angry with the pratice, but tbh... it is good that i got this stuff... i mean... i think i found something that is nowhere to be seen. i searched the datacubes for the known crash land sites... but it is not on the records. so i'll relay all the information i found here:

System: Olela
Planet: Olela 3

Protected by: 4x Hostile Drones

Visit the place untill: 3305/01/24

The log data from the Data core reads as follows:
"Transport 15 to command. We've encountered an anomaly. it fried our systems and we're going down. All cargo and data is secure and transponder is in place for the Search-and-Rescue team. Crew escape pods launched."

unfortunatelly the Server Bank was not readable by my scanners at the time. but i will try again in some hours. i believe it is a bug within my SRV systems, because i have the encryption keys provided by the tip off message.


for what i got from this, this was part of a Megaship Transport cargo. the images makes clear that this was no ordinary small ship, but maybe an entire station. i believe it was either a megaship or an entire orbis spaceport that met their fate with some unknown entity. for what i understood of the message the crew experienced some kind of EMP before having to bail out the entire ship. unfortunately not much of the ship remains... just a small pile of scrap metal to be seen. but since it is not on the DataCubes... i guess it is a finding that needs to be adressed to the galactic community asap. as soon as the situation is resolved, i'll be returning to Paresa.

Reporting from Olela, KiraVonBlack.
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