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MAD_DOG_MacD / 11 Jan 3305
A Couple of Days Before Distant Worlds 2

My Squadron are docking their DW2 Ships at the designated Jump Off Point. To save issues and complications, this location will be revealed one day after departure. To advertise now, is just inviting unwanted trouble.

Out of the current Squadron Membership of 9, 6 of us are partaking in this event. While most of the time we will be travelling as a group, we will most likely be splitting off from time to time "do our own thing'. I've amassed a collection of albums I want to listen to, this will give me the opportunity.

The remaining 3 will obviously be staying in the bubble, but will be visiting with us on our Journey via the "Telepresence" option enabled on our ships. In a small way, it's like going on holiday without ever leaving your home. That's ok folk, we'll do the work, you enjoy the visit. Ha ha.

The logistics even within our small group is immense. We are currently helping our newest member achieve "a decent Jump Range" before Sunday's launch. It's been a tag team event due to time zone differences; 1 in UK, myself in EST and the new member we are helping; PST.

I'm trying to wrap my head around organizing not only Time Zones, but Platforms, play styles, play experience to one cohesive mass. Epic indeed. I commend and hats off to the organizers of this event. Most likely a full time job up to and a bit after the event.

CMDR MAD_DOG_MacD, Explorer/Reporter
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