Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 11 Jan 3305
33050111: Bahamut Ascending

Ever since I purchased my Imperial Cutter, I have wanted to turn it into a warship. Sure, there were more agile large ships to do the job, but the Cutter was the largest and I sought to tame her controls. After achieving Triple Elite, I found 600 million credits burning a hole in my pocket. At long last, and without needing to sell off my small fleet of ships, I have finally upgraded Bahamut's outfitting to become the fiercest warship she was meant to be. Reactive surface composite armor, A-grade modules across the board, two SLFs, two SRVs, pulse and burst laser turrets and a deadly combination of a huge laser beam cannon and a pair of rail guns to serve as one giant Main Gun, all engineered. Even managed to squeeze in a Guardian FSD Booster. This is how an Imperial Cutter should be used.

While doing some trial runs in nearby anarchy systems, I witnessed something... beautiful. A wing of ships consisting of a Python and three Vultures flying in elegant circles around each other like some sort of starship dance. It reminded me of a nature documentary, narrated by some distinguished Imperial with a calming voice.

"The dance of the starships."

"These male Vultures are flying around a female Python, trying to catch her attention as potential mates."

"Likewise, the female Python flies in a tighter circle between them, judging each of her suitors' flight maneuvers."

"She chooses all three males and they fly into deep space, where they will fertilize her eggs. In three weeks, they will hatch into a brood of Sidewinders."

A second trial run is set for tonight in a hazardous resource site. I expect the results will be the same, if not even better, since I didn't have my main gun engineered for the first trial. Unfortunately, I don't think I will find any ships dancing out there.
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