Logbook entry

Kira Von Black / 17 Jan 3305
Final Report on Nova Imperium (17-01-3005)

the war is almost lost...
Governor Millana is in a Hospital Bed. victim of a fragment bomb planted on his runaway office on Porco Horizons. we talked a little bit after a war skirmish... he said that i've done what i could for them... and that he was happy with my services... i could not bear to see him like this. the campaigns are now over, and the bounties collected... a little bird told me that the bounty on my head by Lavingy also dissapeared... it's lucky i guess... but i can't help but think that i didn't do enough to help them. Millana told me that i should return to Sol Immediately... that since they were in their last legs, that a pilot like me should not be involved anymore... that i was too precious to be wasted in the war... he almost ordered me to go... in a commanding voice. i don't want to leave those guys to their own luck... not in times like these... but this is something far beyond my control. the officials of Nova Imperium packed my bags onto my DiamondBack... they said it was orders from the governor himself. i don't know what do to... the ship is on the hangar... maybe i'll go onto one last walk on Paresa, for a last time... i need to do it, while i still can.
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