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Casa_Del_Seany / 20 Jan 3305
The maiden voyage of Piquita

She is sleek, black, and deadly. My brand new Viper Mkiii. I've upgraded the drive, hull, shields and weapons. Time to test myself in combat.

We have been having some problems with the pirates based in the nearby HK Aquirii system so I decided to take Piquita on her maiden voyage to the Black Corpse Ranch, a hotbed of Aquirii Crimson Faction piracy. On arrival I found a passenger liner under heavy attack. An ill advised sightseeing tour if ever there was one. I powered up my weapons and locked on to one of the pirates. I didn't even bother to check the ship type or combat rating of it's commander. I opened fire with my beam laser to strip his shields while he was firing on the hapless tourists. On my second pass I'd stripped away the pirate's shields so switched fire group to bring my cannons to bear against his hull.

By now I'd very much gotten his attention as well as his cohort's. I came under counter attack from several pirates. Shields stripped before I could fire off any chaff, hull taking damage, incoming missile, sytems taking damage, engines offline, eject, eject, boom.

I was lucky to escape with my life. The speed and ferocity of the pirates' counter attack was both terrifying and awesome. My first foray into deadly combat was a hard lesson. But, its a lesson that I need to learn and I will return to HK Aquirii to master the art of combat. For now though, I return to my trusty workhorse, Pongo, and recoup the costs of Piquita's ill fated maiden voyage.

Cmdr Casa_Del_Seany signing out.
Fly safe commanders.
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