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Riverweasel / 21 Jan 3305
Arrival at Colonia

My long, exhausting journey finally came to an end as I reached Colonia last week, a sigh of exasperated relief when I finally touched down at Jacques Station. I was more than happy to get out of my ship, a smile on my face as I saw my credits account update with the deliver of my scan data payment.  Exploration may be tiring and lonesome, but it certainly is good money. I decided to take the week off and spend time in Colonia and the nearby stations collecting engineering materials from emissions sources. Who knew so much stuff was lost out here? Rodentia was a welcome sight, with a planet much like home of its own, and the Fuel Rats were more than willing to let me spend a few days on the ground. I may have even gotten in a tangle with a few of them during the night, but that's not for journal entries.

I bought an Eagle and it's so much more open, but sadly, the module options are extremely limited, so I couldn't upgrade it very much. Still, it was a nice break from my trusty DBX. I have one more night here, but then I will be on my way to the final piece of my long expedition: Sagittarius A. It draws me towards it like a beacon and I can hardly hold myself together knowing how close I am to it. 389 jumps and systems to scan before I turn back. If I survive this, my account will erupt like a volcano. I can only imagine my trip back home when it is all said and done.
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CMDR Riverweasel
Explorer / Courier
21 Jan 3305
Arrival at Colonia
11 Jan 3305
Finally Some Real Ground
10 Jan 3305
Continuing Into the Void
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