Logbook entry

Raemeus / 23 Jan 3305
Distant Worlds 2 - Day 010

LOCATION: Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 - Omega Mining Operation

LOG: The Springhill and I have taken over 2000t of ore out of Omega Sector rings over the last 5 and a half days, 96t at a time. I'd love to never have to see another limpet for the rest of my life, but I'll settle for a few weeks off until we reach the core, and do this all over again. I wonder how many non-expedition miners will make the trek out to Sag A*.

I'm going to get some more rack time, and I'm assuming we're going to reach our mining goal before I wake up. Debating replacing the mining gear with a few multicannons and trying to earn some bounties before the fleet moves on to the next waypoint, but I'm tempted to sit around at the mining facility and enjoy a final few comforts before the push to the core.

CMDR Amara Raemeus
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