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McProphet / 23 Jan 3305
Distant Worlds 2: Pre-Launch


Well. I am at the Omega Mining Operation, currently sitting on Pad 22. Waiting for the technicians to finish removing the mining equipment I "rented." Had to do my part for the community goal. Frankly it wasn't much. A handful of units. But at least I helped. Now I can get my exploration gear back and be good to go. In the mean time, I can finally record this log entry.

It has now been a week-and-a-half since I set out with the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. My plan was to start chronicling my part in all this at launch. But as you can clearly see by the date, it hasn't been a smooth start. In fact I would say the first week was a crazy rocky mess. Actually it was crazy hectic even before the start date. So much going on.

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

When Distant Worlds 2 was announced, I was elated. The dream of exploration was a big reason why I got my commander license. But dreams don't pay the docking fees and DW2 wasn't launching for several months at that point. Work took precedence and I slowly forgot about the expedition.

That is, until two weeks before launch. I read about it in an article somewhere. I thought, oh crap! Two weeks?!? I wasn't prepared to embark on a long expedition. I was already involved in several endevours at the time. Was it worth dropping everything? Could I (or should I) scramble to put together a ship and plan in time?

If you don't know the answers to those questions, then you are not paying attention.

I bode farewell to my wingmates and departed our home base in the Crowfor system. Preparations had to be made, and made quickly. The first step, get a new ship. I already have an exploration vessel which I absolutely adore. My Diamondback Explorer, Missionary. Know it like the back of my hand. It just had one glaring flaw: only one seat. You see, for most of this year I may be alone out in the black and away from my wingmates. A second seat would allow them to check in on me and make sure I have not contracted Space Madness or something. And while they are here, they can participate in the expedition without having to fully commit. Win win.

After careful research, I settled on an admittedly odd choice: Alliance Chieftain. It had decent stats. Was within my 30-50 million credit price range. And it fulfilled my personal preferences for both style and variety. I desire variety. Given that there are less than 40 in a fleet of over 12,000, the Chieftain counts. Whereas the Asp Explorer may have been a better fit, the fact that practically half the fleet comprises of Asp Explorers made it less interesting to me. Besides, I never liked the look of the ship. Not my style.

Bought the ship and outfitted it for deep space exploration. Next up, see the Engineers. Well, sort of. Ok, here is the deal. I have only met a few of them. I have heard of many Engineers, but most will not talk to me. Fine. Whatever. Sorry I am not a big name smuggler or good at mining. Pfft! So when I say "see the Engineers" I really mean one.

Felicity Farseer. Let me tell you, there's nobody in the galaxy I trust more with my FSD than her. Absolute wiz. While I was there, I had her look at some other parts too. Power plant, thrusters. Whatever she was comfortable modifying. She is the best around as far as I am concerned.

So. Ship bought. Ship outfitted. Ship modified to all hell. One thing missing. A name. Ship has to have a name. Thankfully, one of my wingmates helped me out.

I contacted the DW2 representatives and registered me and the Pride of Ascalon.

I am going to go check and see if they installed my AFMS properly. Can never be too careful. Be back soon. End recording.

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CMDR McProphet
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25 Jan 3305
Distant Worlds 2: Week 1 & 2
23 Jan 3305
Distant Worlds 2: Pre-Launch
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