Logbook entry

Berbtato / 24 Jan 3305
Taking a Test drive

Todays marks the end of the tweaks to my newest member of the fleet, The Ares. Shes a fine ship and could punch a real hole in that xeno scum, but i felt it was time she did a little work back in the home territory dealing with the second biggest threat to humanity, itself.
A few pirate lords and a couple warzones proved ample testing ground for her, with speed and grave our enemies fell pretty quickly. Definitely a lot tuning to do on my flying skills however, a human determined on ending your life requires a very different skillset to an asteroid field afterall.
Headed a few hundred light years from home after that, off to assist a commander recently accepted into the pilots federation find his feet in this big wonderful galaxy of ours, will he suffer at the hands of humanity or alien scum? Whos to say. Me and the Ares will be sure no harm comes to him for the time being at least

Commander Berbtato, End log
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