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Nf442 / 26 Jan 3305
Log: My Own Distant Worlds Expedition

Log 01  ~ CMDR. Xanthippe Vaux ~Silent Prism ~ LBN 623 SECTOR KC-V B2-2 ~ 25 January 3305

God, I wish I wasn’t so impatient.

It feels like my fuel scoop is taking positively forever to finish. Figure I’d start keeping a ‘log’ this go around. Took an...extended break from exploring (if you can even call only going about 3KLY outside of the bubble exploring). I got the itch again though, without fail. I’m going back into the black.

A bit ago when I saw the announcement for the Distant Worlds Expedition, I started to feel the calling once more. I didn’t make it in time to start with everyone else, and maybe I could catch up to them now. But I’ve been on my own for so long now, I’m starting to think I prefer it. Either way, I’ve chosen to embark on my own expedition to distant and possibly magnificent worlds.

Along the way I’m stopping at a sight I’ve so longed to see. The bubble sector. I’m headed there now, on my way to the Formidine Rift, unless something else catches my attention on the journey.

Many people have said it before, many more will say it again; there’s a mystery hidden in this universe to rival all other archaic and esoteric knowledge. I know so many, but not too many, have travelled this path before. I have to go there with my own eyes, my own body, my own ship. I’m itching for it.

Maybe after I go to the galactic core, or maybe Colonia.

Maybe I’ll find something no one else has seen. Maybe I’ll encounter an answer to a question asked only in whispers.

Maybe I’ll come back, maybe I won’t.

Either way, I’ll at least this log book to track my journey. End however it may.

Scoops done, and I’ve got 136 jumps to BUBBLE SECTOR DL-Y D83. Neutron Star is coming up, so odds are it’ll tear me to shreds, but here’s hoping.

Until next time,

Florence D.
Aboard the ever-majestic Silent Prism
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