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Raemeus / 28 Jan 3305
Distant Worlds 2 - Day 015

LAUNCH:  01/28/3305 - 0056Z, Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 - Omega Mining Operation


LAUNCH: 01/28/3305 - 0732Z, Flyiedgiae QN-T d3-17 - AB 1 b (Quantum World)

LOG: Relying on assurances that mining equipment will be available when we reach the core, I've left most of my mining kit at the Omega asteroid base, but kept one mining laser, in case I needed synthesis materials.  My big collector limpet controller has been replaced by an SRV bay with a pair of Scarabs, my refinery was swapped for an AFMU, and the prospector controller with the smallest collector limpet controller I could get (again, just in case I need to mine synthesis materials).

Really looking forward to the SRV bay.  It stung a little going to The View without being able to get out and enjoy the view from outside the cockpit, and now that's not going to happen again.

Made one last visit to Roald Landing before jumping out of Omega to give both new SRVs a shakedown, and met a couple of other CMDRs doing the same.

I went a little farther off the suggested path this time, heading a few hundred light years above or below the galactic plane when leaving each of the sightseeing destinations before plotting a course to the next one.  Made a lot of new discoveries, including a system with four terraformable planets!

Almost lost it all at Eagle's Landing, though.  Whatever idiot was running traffic control there needs their head examined.  As I was coming down onto my pad, a Keelback suddenly emerged from the pad's hangar, and if not for those shield boosters I installed before leaving the bubble, the Springhill would've been a pile of scrap... I lifted off and circled around to request docking at another pad, and got down on that one without incident, but then when I went to launch to continue on to Rohini, I was launched directly into the underside of a Type-6 that was trying to land on top of me!  I considered getting retracted back into the hangar so I could go vigorously introduce the TC's face to a wrench, but who knows what might've happened when I tried to launch again, and I settled for imagining it as I left that cursed place behind.

I've set down on Quantum World (Flyiedgiae QN-T d3-17 - AB 1 b) for some rack time, and to go over the procedures for frame shift drive boosting.  I've never done it before, and there's a neutron star right here...  Seems as good a time as any to try it.

CMDR Amara Raemeus
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