Logbook entry

Chuckdm / 28 Jan 3305
Forgetting Yourself


In an era of automatic logging, it's easy to forget to write things down.  Some would ask what the point is.  After all, anything and everything that can be known is just an instant database search away, right?

Well...not really.

Oh sure, COVAS is a miracle of modern computing.  I can't imagine flying the Nebuchadnezzar without Celeste's aid.  But even a fancy french AI like her is still no fun and all business.  It amazes me to this day that the idea of a robot apocalypse was ever a real concern.  It wasn't intelligence that won World War 2 back on earth all those centuries ago.  It was insanity.  It was mankind saying "the box?  what box?"  The atomic bomb wasn't the idea of any normal, supposedly sane person.  It was a crazy idea born of desperation that only a creature as illogical as a human could devise.

So we have logbooks.  They're not books, of course.  The last time handwriting was taught outside art class was over a hundred years ago, even in the Empire.  But still, it's a roughly book-shaped slate into which we pour our thoughts, one character at a time.  I guess some things never change.

And some things do.

Since my last journal, I went back to the bubble, again, and now I'm back in Omega Mining, again.  I've managed to eek a little more range out of the Neb, and to do so while also fitting her with some guns.  Perhaps more importantly, I've managed to reconfigure her such that she can actually survive a fight or two.  She's still no combat ship, but if something less threatening than a Diamondback shows up, she'll earn another notch on the hull.  On the way back out here, I also made another stop at Thor's Eye.  There wasn't anything else to see, but in my state of awe during my first visit, I totally spaced and forgot to take any pictures.  After seeing how they turned out, the 2,400ly detour was time well spent.  Much like COVAS, the new Full Spectrum Scanner is amazing, but it's no substitute for an up-close-and-personal photo.

We received our latest itinerary earlier today.  The next leg of our journey is a full thousand light years closer than our first was, but there are official POIs that make the trip deceptively long if you visit them all.  After hearing the horror stories of my fellow commanders who could not escape the grasp of The View, I will not be visiting the Arkgamanon Mountain Range.  The Neb now has 5D thrusters, and while they might be capable of getting me back off the planet safely, a near death experience I had in the bubble last week has pretty well settled my mind that anything over 2G is out of the question.  That still leaves at least 4, and maybe 7 POIs that I am damn well going to go photograph, and over 10,000ly of space to traverse between them.

Needless to say, I will be very busy this week, but I will force myself to take the time to log all of this.  I mean, I can't have history running off and making itself without me, right?
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