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N124Hawk / 06 Feb 3305
February 6, 3305. Day one

The door opens, and I see two things. First, the group of young men and women formed up next to the pad bridge. Then I notice it... Her. The mighty Pegasus, sitting on the pad, linkages and pipes spewing from all over her dark grey hull. Major Williams, my fighter pilot and second in command, snaps to attention, and calls the same of my new crew.
"Tention on deck" she calls, as I break a smile. "Good to see you again, sir. And congratulations"
"Thank you, major. At ease."

I'd just made rear admiral. Spent a year merely whipping around in my viper before admiral Rochester recalled me to Sol. In one morning, I'd been given a promotion, and my first command.

"Trust me... Admiral, you'll like the Pegasus. Brand new Corvette, fresh out of the shipyards. I'd like you to shake it down around LHS 20 first, then you can commence your first patrol."

Now, I can only look in wonderment. After my introductory address, the maintenance crew are hard at work on board, preparing the ship, and handing over from the starport crew. I walk into the ship, and immediately check out the hangar. 2 brand new F-63s, each Aegis models. I'm alerted by major Williams, behind me. "Sir, ready when you are."
"Thank you major, I'll explore the ship a little while longer and check up on the rest of the crew. If you want to head to the bridge, and make preparations, I'll join you shortly"

"Aye sir. Also, I just wanted to point out, the one on the right, that's our old Condor, from your gunship. I'm sure we'd both feel more comfortable with a fighter we're both familiar with." And as I turn to thank her, she's already walked out.

After checking with the crew chief, I climb the last deck steps, and enter the bridge. Immediately I'm struck by the view. It's a huge bridge. For a huge ship, it has an amazing view. I set myself on the central seat, and rotate forward.
"Okay, major. Let's go."

Powering up the modules, I request launch. Slowly, the pad creeps forward, then upward in the fashion that all commanders the galaxy over must be familiar with.

"Docking clamps disengaged. Follow the greens on the way out, commander"

I thumb the ship upwards. Surprised by the response. Gear up, and then I slowly push the throttle forward. Only nudged to 10% the ship makes an easy pace for the slot, and I am pleased with the control. Through the slot... I slowly push the throttle further.

"All clear, commander. Fly safe. -Federal flight control out"

I then dare to push the throttle all the way. "All hands, brace for hard maneuvering"

I punch the boost, and suddenly I'm thrust back into the seat. Time for some aerobatics. The stick response amazes me. It fells like a vulture, even though it's four times as large, and for the next hour I test out the limits of the ship, rocketing around the Gallileo starport.

This ship... It's amazing
Do you like it?

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CMDR N124Hawk
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06 Feb 3305
February 6, 3305. Day one
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