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Jaykay / 09 Feb 3305
Log 13 - Wanted! Part 4

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Part 4

It was quite apparent to me now that this could go horribly wrong. I was wanted and now was flying towards Mjolnir's Wrath, a detention center mega ship run by the Independent Detention Foundation. They would be within their legal rights to just shoot me down, but they didn’t. I requested docking clearance and with no questions asked it was granted. I landed and entered the hanger, just waiting for the black clad men with guns to surround my ship. Still nothing, in fact it was eerily quiet but then a message appeared in my contacts, a private encrypted message. My ship somehow decrypted the security certificate and it simply read “Your Pilot’s Federation Record has been updated”. As soon as I had read it, the message deleted itself. I glanced down and the Wanted text was no longer above my status panel. I checked my transaction panel and it was empty. I then craned my neck to try and look up at the rafters in the hanger and could just make out the surveillance cameras, of the two I could see, both of their red lights were not on. My hunch was right, this was far from standard procedure, it was all very clandestine and suspicious but I was thankful to Canonn for enabling me to clear my name. I didn’t hang about and launched straight away not even stopping for fuel. Once in super cruise I used my new Neutron Route Plotter software to plot a route towards the Expedition’s Waypoint 4 so I could catch up with the fleet.

The journey was much the same as it was inbound to Mjolnir's Wrath but none the less scary. You can’t blink whilst in the cones, one wrong move on the stick or too much power on the throttle will send you flying into the exclusion zone and inevitable death. I only had to drop out of super cruise once to use my Auto Field-Maintenance Unit when I started to get FSD malfunction warnings after jump 11, so glad I installed that thing, it got my FSD back to 100% integrity in just 10 minutes.

Once I entered the first of the Prua Phoe systems, I dropped out of super cruise and managed to get some much needed sleep. Feeling somewhat refreshed I reverted back to a normal route to take in the sights of the Octopus Nebula, which was a beautiful sight. It calmed me somewhat allowing me to settle back into the journey again and concentrate on scanning systems and exploring. The whole situation kept playing on my mind though, Canonn undoubtedly had more contacts and power than I realised and there was definitely something mysterious going on at Sacagawea Port. Black ops or secret research perhaps? Were Canonn directly involved? Should I be openly documenting all this? I am not sure, just glad to be back on track now, should reach Waypoint 4 at Clooku SI-B e544 in the next 24 hours.

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