Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 10 Feb 3305
Cyberian Exploration - Outbreak System And Illicit Cargo

Traveling around in MSS Prudence after I got back home from the data run escapade I ended up finding a system in an outbreak state. The contagion was spreading fast and folks were dying so I started doing medicine runs back and forth. It was going good, the trade route was quick but I saw a mission where the station commander was begging me to bring them some performance enhancers. I didn't know they were considered illicit cargo.

I loaded up with the amount they required and then filled the remainder of my hold with more medicine and off I went back to the outbreak system. Wow, folks really want that stuff and they wanted it out of my hold. Interdiction attempts galore but MSS Prudence did the job well and we escaped the piracy. Landed on the pad and as soon as I was in the hangar a whole team of medics came running out to start hand unloading the ship. Looked like an ant colony that found a sugar cube. I was empty in record time and hopefully what I brought will help those infected.

I decided to stay here for the night with my ship all buttoned up. Not going outside even for a leg stretch. Don't want to end up having to be medicated with the very medicine I just delivered. Long day today so it'll be just a salad and maybe some juice then off to bed. I'll be back at it hard tomorrow and with any luck we'll get this outbreak under control.
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