Logbook entry

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 10 Feb 3305
33050210 - Ice Cube, Wobble, Tweak, Tunes, and Hot Chocolate

Just landed.

Weather report for Spaidau ZI-G c24-0 A 1:
109K / -166C, with a real chance of freezing my butt off. Gravity here is 0.07G, 0.00298 Earth masses, which means that I have to be careful with my hot chocolate this evening.

Note to self:
Adjust the magnetic coupler in my left boot. As I walked, or better described and wobbled, down the port hallway after landing I nearly face planted into the cargo door hatch. This is no place to break a nose or a knock a tooth out.

Checked the material readout for this little piece of an ice cube:
Sulphur (S) Very Common 26.1% 299/300
Carbon (C) Very Common 21.9% 300/300
Phosphorus (P) Very Common 14.0% 299/300
Iron (Fe) Very Common 12.0% 300/300
Nickel (Ni) Very Common 9.1% 298/300
Chromium (Cr) Common 5.4% 250/250
Manganese (Mn) Common 4.9% 250/250
Selenium (Se) Rare 4.1% 148/150
Cadmium (Cd) Standard 0.9% 200/200
Molybdenum (Mo) Standard 0.8% 200/200
Ruthenium (Ru) Rare 0.7% 150/150

Loadout looks good. No need to get into the SRV. Oh, that's right, SRV maintenance. Check the tire pressures, adjust the door seal on the right door. Last time I was in it I thought I heard a rattle (Going to lock that rattle down, hahaha).

Note Music:
Hmmm, something chill I think. It kinda is appropriate for the weather on the other side of my hull. Nine Inch Nails, pass for now. Foo Fighters, a bit later. Disturbed, make a note to play that when I takeoff from here. George Duke, yes, jazz. Loading playlist.

Since last dock about a month ago the odometer has 24,636..53 Ly. Space-Time sure flies these days.

Special note:
Passed through Dryuae Aip PC-D d12-3 a few jumps ago. Planet A 3 is an Earthlike. Checking EDSM the system was first discovered by Cmdr. Voodoo Le Strange on Feb 20, 2017, 10:22:20 PM. Props to you Cmdr.

Final note:
Food replicator needs a tweak I think. Just asked for a maple danish and got a glazed donut. Maybe no tweak needed.

Hot chocolate, glazed donut, and one heck of a view. Boot, screwdriver, super glue...wobble fixed.
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