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Ingrid Elfridr / 12 Feb 3305
2-12-3305: Necessity is the Mother of All Invention... Including Drunken Games.

Business as usual, if it weren't for this occurrence today I wouldn't have even had anything worth writing about honestly. Sometimes unintentional things occur that actually wind up being rather funny. Lately I had been freelancing for a group in noob space, it's fun to return there every now and again even if it is just for a quick delivery or a bit of data theft.

Yesterday I returned to Draguan Nu and got Skuld ready to take a trip out to a system that I've found works quite well for mining. The rings are like a buffet of crap that sells so high on the market that I've more than doubled the assets I'd gained over the last year in the last month and a half. After neglecting my own credit balance for nearly a week I'd decided to get myself back up into a thick financial buffer. After making the trip out there it was time to take the Python out for a good mining run, which usually lasts until I'm out of seismic charges. That allows for quite a bit of asteroid cracking, and sometimes I've had some dumb luck out here in frequency that these asteroids appear.

After having done this for a few minutes I was beginning to grow bored as I wasn't finding these crackable asteroids as often as I usually do so I decided to open a bag of hooch and enjoy myself. The bad thing was this stuff had been in the cargo hold so long that the bag nearly exploded when I retrieved it from the underside of the shipping containers. The other side of the coin was it was incredibly strong. By the time I'd gone halfway through what was there I was having to aim using only one eye, hoping that I could "hit the guy in the middle".

When I'd fully depleted my seismic charges Gondul was crammed with almost 122 tons of LT diamonds and I had about a dozen limpets left. When gathering from this last one I was in the process of shearing the last of the pieces of diamond from one of the chunks when one of the collector limpets suddenly passed into the abrasion blaster's line of fire. I'd already fired off a round.

Next thing I knew I had blasted my own limpet. As I watched it spin off in a cloud of bits in front of the Python I couldn't help but laugh. Granted I know I was drunk and now I see it as sort of silly, but the fact that I'd destroyed my own limpet was absolutely hilarious to me. Next thing I knew I was playing a game of skeet shooting with my own limpets as they were heading away from the ship after dropping off a load. I hadn't played a proper game of skeet shooting since before I left Earth, gotta admit it was nice.

Now just to get a few the New Republic miners drunk and convince them to join in...
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