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McProphet / 17 Feb 3305
Distant Worlds 2: Week 5 Entries

Pride of Ascalon
Log Entry 3305021101
Earth Date: February 11
Location: Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31

I am off to Waypoint 5. Looks like it is Boewnst KS-S c20-959. Hopefully I will get there quicker than the last one. I think I spent all of 20 minutes at Waypoint 4.

I am using neutron stars more to quicken my pace. It is not ideal; supercharging my FSD means skipping even more stars. Also, because a lot of other commanders are using the same neutron stars to jump from, I am often running into systems already explored. It sucks but frankly what can a commander with limited time do. As my brothers would tell me, suck it up. And they weren't talking fuel scoops.

I just arrived at Gagarin Gate. It is another planetary outpost out in deep space setup by the Colonia people. Besides getting a maintenance update, it is nice not to have to eat and sleep in my ship. Even if the food isn't much better.

That is it for now. Got to meet with the Cartography rep and see if my data is worth much.

Pride of Ascalon
Log Entry 3305021201
Earth Date: February 12
Location: Blaa Phoe JO-D b2-30

Well. Parked out on a random rock on my way to Waypoint 5. Nothing special really. Just wanted to...

You know what. That is not what I want to talk about. So I met with the Cartography rep yesterday and went over my data. I had a system that, I swear you not, was worth a whopping 13.5 million credits! 13.5 million! What?!? As you can imagine, I lost my freaking mind when I saw that number. I mean, my max payout for a system was 3 million. This just blew it right out of the nebula. Wow.

Oh. And even better news. The combined haul of data I had was enough to earn me my Pioneer explorer rank. And if I remember my Pilots Federation orientation right, that puts me one step away from Elite status. Yes! So good.

Alright I will leave it at that for today.

Pride of Ascalon
Log Entry 3305021501
Earth Date: February 15
Location: Boewnst KS-S c20-959

I pulled into Polo Harbour a short while ago. Man I forget how busy some of these locations can get. Flight Control sent me to a landing pad already occupied by some random Hauler-class ship. Heck, I actually got interdicted by some jerk in a Viper IV shortly after entering the system. Fortunately I remembered the words of my old wingmate Apollo and easily got out of it, but still. Interdicted this far out?

Anyways. I made a hard push to reach Polo Harbour by this time. After Gagarin, I pretty much scrapped the expedition's itinerary. I had to choose between hitting their points of interest, and exploring the unknown. And I chose the latter, limited as I was. Still made liberal use of neutron stars, which are quite abundant in this area of the galaxy. Think I might be getting the hang of supercharging. But I made some lateral jumps so my route would overlap as much with others. And it seemed to work based on how many systems I came across undiscovered.

I won't recount all the systems I officially discovered. But there are two worth recording. I earned another 13 million from a system, this one called Blaa Phoe RV-B D14-1796. And I discovered a neutron star system, Blaa Phoe XF-M d8-1011. I am actually proud of that last one. How many times have you run across a neutron star nobody else has discovered? First time for me. And it wasn't just a neutron star. There were other stars in the system and lots of planets. The whole system netted me 9 million from the Cartographers. That's an amount that would have floored me a few days ago.

I have to go submit my TGMS report but I will leave with this tidbit for anyone listening. Turns out that neutron star system has a few terraformable heavy metal worlds. I didn't notice when I was there. And I don't have time to backtrack. If you happen to be in the area, map them out for some extra credits. You're welcome.

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