Logbook entry

Farside_j / 16 Feb 3305
DW2 Entry 4: Collection of wonders

Well that is certainly an understatement for this system, Binary black holes, with several stars in orbit. most of which have ring systems. Unfortunately I could not scan the ring system for the neutron star, due to a limitation in the safety systems in the probe launcher... apparently you have to be extremely close to the parent body in order to launch probes, I am looking into ways of getting rid of that safety system.  I seem to be hitting some sort of weird cluster of Gas giants with water based plankton lifeforms, I wonder what about this part of the galaxy is causing this cluster to form here, or if it is just random chance. also most of the wing got to gather for the first time since we started on this expedition. these ships are certainly starting to show the distances they have traveled.

Some of the passengers are yet again expressing concerns of spending the night so near to black holes. I told them that I am more concerned with the pirates that seem to be in this system, the good news is where there are pirates, there are stations, which means I can soon offload some of this exploration data.

I am having mixed feelings about this expedition, I am not too fond of flying with such harsh time restrictions while deep ranging, but I am being given some wonderful way points along the way.  I plan to stick it out, and continue uploading these log files.

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