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CorvusCoraxNevermore / 17 Feb 3305
33050216 - Sanguineous Rim, Terraformables, Stats, and Maintenance

Back in the cockpit after a week's worth of other work.

Mission Background Notes:
1. The Pilot's Federation sent the mission brief on 13 January, 3305. I was running missions pocketing as many credits as possible for a Faulcon deLacy Krait Phantom fitted for exploration. The mission details were right to the point, I had to leave asap. The mission requirements were equally right to the point, circumvent the galaxy, locate and scan terraformable planets. Frunobulax, my longish range (only  57 Ly jump) Anaconda, was chosen for the mission. A few minor upgrades and module selection improvements were made and on 13 January 3305 the mission was started.
2.  Would very much like the EDDiscovery exploration mission add-on program to count and display terraformable planet scans.

Exploration Notes:
1. Entered the Spaidau BA-H d10-1 system located in the Sanguineous Rim, engaged the scanner and an Earth Like World (Spaidau BA-H d10-1 A 6 ) was identified. It was a first discovered and first scanned capture for me. Maybe one day this planet will be home for humans.
The particulars for the Earth Like planet are at the end of this entry. In the same system, planet Spaidau BA-H d10-1 A 5 is terraformable and was scanned as well.
2. In the Spaidau LW-E d11-4 system, planet AB 5 is a ringed water world. First discovered by Cmdr. Batmump, props Cmdr! Also note that this system has all materials for FSD injections.
3. In system Dryoi Phio VL-J d10-0 planet 3 a has  Polonium (Po) Rare at 0.5%. it is a Landable, Rocky Body with Gravity at 0.2g.
4. Dryoi Phio UL-J d10-3  is a Neutron Star. First scanned by Cmdr. Darlim. Way to go Cmdr!
5. Just entered Kepler's Crest  Region, 1407 Local (UTC-7)
6. Still looking for Notable Stella Phenomena.
7. Hopped the boarder from Kepler's Crest back into the Sanguineous Rim. In system Spaido EL-P e5-0, on planet 1 there are both geologic and biologic notable signals,. Going to the biologic signals to check them out. The gravity is 2.4 G. The planet information is provided below. It wasn't the prettiest landing but made it down. While overflying the field of the biological specimens a haunting sound was heard. Very disconcerting. I'm in the SRV now and as I approach  I see that the specimens are round with what appears blue glowing lights near the bases. The same sound has started, its a cross between a jet roar and a haunting chorus of demons. Moving closer. Each has vertical striations merging at the top. Yes, blue lights, flashing, all over them. The sound is unnerving. Taking photos, they are being posted in the Gallery. The Anemones have various materials attached to them: Phloem Excretion, Mussidaen Seed Pods, Cordycep Growths, Polyporous Growth. Wondrous.

Maintenance Notes:
1. So far all modules are holding up nicely. Having only used 4 neutron star boosts my FSD is good at 96%.
2. The magnetic coupler on my left boot is still secure. Having that dang thing loose is a real mess, so it's good that the repair is still working.
3. The food replicator was worked on. A message to the manufacturer about their maintenance manual was sent. Their software mod for the molecular encabulator is not correct. Bits 10 and 14 of the stability status word are switched. I guess that is why the maple danish and glazed donut mix up occured.
4. The T.16000M side stick controller was replaced today. There was an unwanted constant left control input that I was unable to troubleshoot and fix. Luckily there was a spare T.16000M in the cargo hold. Following the maintenance manual a Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA) will be developed.
5. The new power equipment installed at the last station is basically the old equipment with an upgrade. The principle involved is that instead of power being generated by the relative motion of conductors and fluxes, it is produced by the modial interaction of magneto-reluctance and capacitive diractance. Efficiency up 3.5%.

Music Notes:
1. Jeff Beck is playing on the Bose 4500 Series 5.1 Surround Sound system installed in the cockpit zone. He is one of the rock best guitarists, in my opinion. Yea buddy!

Dumb Stuff Notes:
1. Accidentally popped of a heat sink. Hearing my inner Homer Simpson saying "DOH"!

Until Next week.

Spaidau BA-H d10-1 A 6 Stats
Atmospheric Composition:
 Nitrogen - 73.36%
 Oxygen - 26.27%
 Water - 0.34%
Planetary Composition:
 Rock - 66.28%
 Metal - 33.72%

Earth Masses: 0.3617
Body Radius: 4453.13km
Distance from Arrival Point 1,493.1ls
Surface Temp: 285K
Gravity: 0.7g
Surface Pressure: 0.60 Atmospheres
Orbital Period: 1,633.6 days
Semi Major Axis: 2.99AU
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.000
Orbital Inclination: 0.593°
Arg Of Periapsis: 290.673°
Axial tilt: 105.37°
Rotation Period: 3.6 days
Estimated value: 169,996
Scan Type: Detailed

Spaido EL-P e5-0 1 Stats
Metal Rich Body, None, Landable
Planetary Composition:
 Metal - 100.00%

Earth Masses: 2.2316
Body Radius: 6094.10km
Distance from Arrival Point 337.5ls
Surface Temp: 1,009K
Gravity: 2.4g
Volcanism: Major Silicate Vapour Geysers
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